10 Ways To be A Different Leader

What makes a great leader? Here's my take on what makes a great leader from a personalised perspective;

  1. Behave in the way that you want your team to behave - Act with integrity and be guided by your moral compass (if it is set right).
  2. Take an interest in each person - Sometimes this is difficult to do but something that we should strive to do. Learn a bit about each person and ask them questions to get to know them better. 30 seconds per person is all it takes.
  3. If you work in a large organisation, learn as many first names of your team members as you can. Using a person's name makes them feel important, and they are.
  4. Ask each person what they would change about their job if they could. If it is something that you can change and it adds value then change it. Ensure to give credit where it is due. 
  5. Be genuine - If you ask how someone is, make sure that you listen for the reply.
  6. Take time to say thanks to those staff whose name you don't know, they are the solid ones doing all of the work.
  7. Spread the load - Don't always give out work for your best performers to undertake. Give some work to those who want (need) to gain experience and by doing so you will increase your pool of high performers.
  8. Train with your staff - If you have the opportunity, undertake the same training as your staff so that you can learn more about them and their needs.
  9. Never talk to your staff about personal issues in the same place that you discuss work issues. Take them to a Cafe' or somewhere neutral so they will be more relaxed.
  10. Follow policy and process - There is nothing more frustrating than people following different policies or taking short cuts. Staff want consistency.