Foundation Courses

Personal Resilience

Our applied techniques are taken from various vocations to provide you with a range of effective tools to handle challenges at work.  Grounded in science, you will learn why we react the way we do when under stress, how to control emotions, control over-thinking & worry, and provide clarity of thought during a stressful event.  Because we are all different, our programmes take a holistic approach to mitigating workplace stressors. 

Learning Objectives

  • Identify why we behave the way we do when under continual pressure
  • Have a basic understanding of how psychology and physiology work in tandem
  • Manage yourself and others during and after stressful events
  • Learn many practical techniques to strengthen personal resilience
  • Deal effectively with vexing problems while managing risk-exposure
  • Reduce pressure and stress in every aspect of your work and home life

Business Outcomes

  • A more resilient workforce - able to withstand the effects of pressure and stress
  • Reduced presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Acting decisively in response to challenges
  • Take greater responsibility for personal actions
  • An increase in positive attitudes
  • Employees acting with integrity

Enhanced Communications

Enhanced communications are necessary when dealing with challenging people, both staff and customers.  Utilising the learnings of great communicators such as Dr Norman Vincent Peale, Dr Carl Rogers, Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie, our communications packages ensure quick engagement with challenging people or for those who find themselves in difficult situations.  We will show you simple techniques to take someone from anger to calm within a few short sentences. 

Learning Objectives

  • Enhance your communication skills - we complement your existing training
  • Identify the key elements of engaged listening
  • Effectively manage challenging and difficult conversations 
  • Recognise how to structure responses for swift control
  • Quickly build empathy and rapport to change behaviour
  • Effectively communicate across all five generations
  • Communicate professionally at meetings and when delivering presentations

Business Outcomes

  • Reduced customer contact time - more business with less effort
  • Enhanced customer journey - make it easier for your customer
  • Increased employee engagement - their job becomes much easier
  • Less conflict in the workplace - a more relaxed workforce
  • Reduced tension in communications - reduces conflict

Combined Communications and Resilience Programme

An amalgam of the two courses detailed above, this is a comprehensive program which will provide benefit to your customer services representatives and front-line staff.  Most of us find communicating in emotionally charged situations quite difficult, by learning how to effectively engage with people reduces the impact of the challenging event.  Add personal resilience techniques and the result is a well-rounded employee who is more capable of handling stressful encounters.

NOTE: For a truly comprehensive conflict management course, simply add relevant aspects from our reception and personal safety courses. This is by far our most requested course. 

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