Communication skills, personal safety and resiliency techniques.

Having difficulties dealing with angry, aggressive or threatening people? Are you looking to reduce risks to your staff from a criminal or civil emergency or to provide practical tips on reducing stressful situations? We have the answers.

Communicating in challenging situations, resolving conflict, motivating staff, responding to emergencies and controlling emotion levels are all within our expertise.  At the extreme end, we have programmes that allow you to engage with people who threaten suicide or choose violence to solve their problems. 

We can run a customised empirically validated well-being survey across your team to highlight the strengths and potential growth areas.

Our courses and presentations are tailored to your exact requirements with most delivered in just two hours. 

Lance, our founder, has worked with elite international tactical units across police, the military, emergency services, prisons and the FBI. 

What does W.A.R.N. stand for?


Our business is based around the following words:








Our courses and corporate direction is based on these words and their meanings.


WARN International is available for consultation, coaching, and keynote presentations for conferences on many topics including:

  • Managing challenging people and situations – Suitable for all professionals and those involved in the customer service industry.
  • Emergency management preparedness and response – Suitable for all organisations to mitigate the risk during any emergency - civil, criminal, or personnel - through planning, preparation and response. 
  • Resiliency support - Suitable for everyone regardless of their occupation or role.

The programs have been constructed from real situations experienced by the founder of the company, Lance Burdett.  Good communication skills form the foundation of WARN's programs.  

Lance will meet with your management team to identify the nature of the issue and what you want to achieve.  He will run an audit across your employees to clarify the difficulties from their perspective.  

The sessions are not only informative, they are entertaining with plenty of anecdotes.  More importantly they will provide practical solutions to the issues based on first-hand experience. 

Our recent clients include; ANZ, IAG (State, NZI, AMI, etc.), BNZ, First Credit Union, MBIE, MSD, NZAA, Auckland Transport, Hamilton City Council, NZTA, University of Auckland, AUT, NZ Rugby Players Assoc., and South Pacific Pictures. 

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In our latest series of short instructional videos, Lance covers some of the regular topics that are raised at our training courses.

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Media Appearance and Interviews


Lance Burdett is a published best-selling author and consultant to various media outlets, here are a few of his most recent media appearances and works.

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