Things Change, So Should You.

I have just finished a meeting with a wonderful person who I am hopeful of collaborating with in the future.  I am also talking with a few people who I met completely by chance and new doors have opened for me. I have meetings next week which may or may not lead in the direction I thought. 

Why am I telling you this? Because things change in an instant and if we don't seize the opportunity when it is in front of us, or if we don't learn to quickly adapt to the change, we will not reap the benefit.

Change comes in many forms - health, work, family, friendships, technology, and business to name a few. The only consistent thing in life in today's world seems to be change.

A common quote today is "Things change so deal with it". That is a valid quote although I might not phrase it quite as bluntly. Perhaps it is better said "Things change and so should we". Change is here to stay so get used to it folks.

Previously, I never liked change. I preferred certainty and regularity. I liked to go to work knowing what to expect and when to expect it. If I had a plan, I stuck to it. If I had a coaching workshop to run, I followed the programme to the letter. 

I am looking forward to the future, to adapting to change, to growing my business in a direction where change takes me. The incredible thing is that all of this exciting change I have been talking about above happened in just two days. 

Think of change as an opportunity not as a threat. Change happens fast, and you can too.