Recently I have been struggling with an important decision, should I remain in business or get a 'real' job. Those who have followed my blogs will know that I always try to look on the positive side of life and would by now possibly have the impression that all is well with Lance. Well it never is.

I struggle just as everyone does with making decisions. It is easy to write blogs espousing the virtues of positivity, keeping focus, searching for solutions, looking after yourself, and changing your perception on life by controlling your thoughts. They are just meaningless words unless we truly believe in the message and follow them. 

All of the people I have met in the wellness industry struggle, that's why they are good at what they do. That is why they have the ability to understand what it is like to struggle and how to recover from that struggle. They have a particular insight that most never get to see nor would they want you to see. Importantly, that's why they want to help others and why we should follow their suggestions.

Yes I am struggling to make a decision at the moment. But I will maintain a positive attitude and keep going in a direction I believe is right for me. I will ignore my brain which is filled with self-doubt in its pitiful attempt to protect me. I will also ignore my negative thoughts of what others may think if I fail. Because that is what a lot of us fear most, not the failure but what others will think of us.

When I see someone who tried something and did not succeed in their attempt, I admire them. All of them tried and that is what is most important I think, to at least try.

None of us are failures, we are learners. Learners who just keep learning.