Wellbeing, communication skills, resilience and personal safety techniques.

Have you felt yourself feeling more negative and emotional than usual, perhaps even feeling like you’re on your way to burnout? You may also be finding yourself in more emotionally driven conversations at work and home. In the current stressful climate, we are finding ourselves angrier and sadder than ever before. We pride ourselves in being leaders of positive change and solving these problems for both individuals and corporate organisations – we are here to help.

WARN International specialises in mental health (we prefer to use the term mind health), personal resilience, communication and personal safety through online courses, keynote presentations and in person workshops. We inspire, motivate and encourage staff to look after both themselves and each other; improving the culture of your organisation and building personal resilience in individuals. We reduce risks to staff from both criminal and civil emergencies and provide practical tips to reduce situations. At the far end of the spectrum, we have programmes that allow you to engage with people who threaten suicide or choose violence to solve their problems. Resolve conflict, respond to emergencies and learn how control negative thoughts and emotions.

Our face to face presentations are tailored to your exact requirements with most delivered in just two hours. If you are having trouble getting all of your team in the same place at the same time, our online courses are a fantastic training option.

Lance, our founder and trainer, is an has worked with elite international tactical units across police, the military, emergency services, prisons and the FBI.

What does W.A.R.N. stand for?


Our business is based around the following words:








Our courses and corporate direction is based on these words and their meanings.


WARN International is available for consultation, coaching, and keynote presentations for conferences on many topics including:

  • Managing challenging people and situations – Suitable for all professionals and those involved in the customer service industry.

  • Emergency management preparedness and personal safety – Suitable for all organisations to mitigate the risk during any emergency - civil, criminal, or personnel - through planning, preparation and response.

  • Resiliency support - Suitable for everyone regardless of their occupation or role.

The programmes have been developed using personal experience of the founder and based in academia. 

The sessions are not only informative, they are entertaining with plenty of anecdotes.  More importantly they will provide practical solutions to the issues based on first-hand experience. 

We have developed a full set of online eLearning courses based on our face-to-face programmes to be used as a standalone programme or to compliment our earlier delivery.

Our recent clients include; WorkSafe, ACC, ANZ, IAG (State, NZI, AMI, etc.), BNZ, MBIE, MSD, NZAA, Auckland Transport, NZTA, University of Auckland, AUT, plus sports teams, schools, councils, and utility providers. 

What people are saying about our courses.....


WARN International has produced a series of interactive e-Learning courses based on our popular in-person presentations and workshops.  

When completing one of our courses, you can expect to learn transferable skills on our major topics. Our e-learning courses are available to individuals, and to businesses looking to add our packages to their employee training packages.

The team at WARN International are happy to help you with any questions you may have and advise you on the best course option to fit your particular requirements.

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e-Learning Courses

WARN International e-learning courses aimed at individuals and small businesses.

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Corporate Training Packages

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Media Appearance and Interviews


Lance Burdett is a published best-selling author and consultant to various media outlets, here are a few of his most recent media appearances and works.

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