Keep Going In Tough Times.

There is little doubt that we live in different times to that of 30 years ago. Things now are faster, shorter, instant, processed, and largely artificial. When things don't go as well as we thought that they should have we tend to give up without a fight.

I get like that at times, wanting to give up on my goals and to move on. Life does get hard at times, often challenging, and it is all too easy to move on to something else because it didn't happen fast enough for us or the way that we hoped it would. 

Those who follow me will know that I post a lot about working hard, to keep going, to strive for what you want to achieve. I also post inspirational quotes each evening on the same topic through FaceBook. These posts and quotes keep me going as does the feedback I receive from those who read them.

When you feel like giving up on something, sit down and assess your goals. Re-evaluate what is important to you and let go of what isn’t. Reset your motivation switch. Most of all, keep going.

After all, what have you go to lose by pushing forward? Much less than if you simply gave up I would suggest.