Random Facts About Your Brain!

Here's some random facts about your brain that may help explain some things about you;

·        Exercise increases your brain power - throughout evolution we learned new things while continually moving. 

·        Exercise also assists in the aging process - if you don't exercise you will die young hence the term 'survival of the fittest, your brain's neurotransmitters grow when you exercise.

·        The time of day has a strong influence on our brain - it's all about our circadian rhythm. (Notice how you sometimes get tired at 3pm and wake up at 3am?)

·        Believe it or not your brain likes inconsistency and variation - you need excitement in your life to keep your brain engaged and to grow in knowledge.

·        Chronic stress is bad for you - adrenaline can scar your blood vessels which may lead to a heart attack or stroke and the cortisol going to your brain can reduce your ability to learn.

·        Neurons (those things that make your brain work) go through a massive growth and culling stage at the age of two and in our teens - that's why kids become 'challenging' at those ages.

·        You can't multitask - you can only focus well on one thing at a time but you do have the ability to hold three things in your frontal lobe making you think that you are multitasking.

·        Your brain can only concentrate on something for up to 10 minutes unless it is exciting or interesting.

·        We forget 90% of what we learn within 30 days - most of that occurs within the first few hours of leaving the room.

That's probably enough for now, I hope you haven't dropped off already!