If You Don't Like It, Get Another Job. Really!

I hear it time and time again, "If you don't enjoy what you are doing then leave and get another job". Really, do you think it is that easy to find another job if you don't have the necessary skills, knowledge, experience or attributes to get another job?

I prefer to say, "If you don't like what you are doing then change something about the way in which you do your job".

Often we don't like our job because we are bored, we have been doing the same thing for far too long and have become way too comfortable, we are in a rut. Here is some things that you can do towards improving yourself;

  • Set yourself a target for each day/week - try and improve the amount/quality of the work that you do.
  • Request to undertake professional development opportunities - is there a secondment position, perhaps working for a short period with another company, or maybe relieving at a higher level.
  • Seek out training opportunities - there are always training courses available, both in-house and external.
  • Look to higher education - sign up for an accredited course from a reputable provider.
  • Move to a different part of the organisation - the greater the breadth of your knowledge the more valuable you will become.
  • Look at what you want to do and work towards that – if you do want to find a new job, start planning and developing yourself towards that goal.

If none of those are a consideration for you then here's some other things to try;

  • Change the way in which you travel to work - train, boat, bus, bike, or walk.
  • Change your work schedule - can you start later, earlier, or maybe work from home for one day a week?
  • Become a social director - organise celebrations and special events within and outside of your workplace.
  • Join a committee - is there a committee that you could add value to? If not, ask a manager how you can help in this area.

Rather than change your job, change something about your current job. Believe it or not your brain likes change and likes to be challenged.