People Come Into Your Life For A Reason

Have you ever met someone through circumstance and wondered why you hadn't met them before, or why they have come into your life at this particular time, or perhaps you spoke with someone in your travels and you have an instant synergy?

I have stopped wondering why this occurs and learnt to enjoy the conversation, to enjoy the moment. I have been fortunate enough to meet many wonderful people out of coincidence, happenstance, or serendipity. There is always a reason to meet them, we just often don't see it at the time.

I met such a person yesterday for the second time and now know why we came together. As a former police crisis negotiator, my specialty was suicide intervention. However, I have never spoken to any of those people I helped since the intervention.

Rob Mokaraka was a young man struggling with his demons a few years ago who chose to end his life through suicide-by-police. He was shot in the chest and should have died, he didn't, he survived. And what a blessing for him and for those around him that he did so. And as it turns out, a blessing for me as well.

As someone involved in crisis intervention, I wanted to know why a person would choose such a method of death and met with Rob briefly one day after he had reached out to me through a mutual friend. There was an instant connection between us and we spent the next hour talking about our respective journeys.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending more time with Rob as filming on 'my story' continued for the New Zealand Television One program 'Sunday'. Rob kindly agreed to put on a show for me about his dive into the darkness. Rob wrote a one-man play called "Shot Bro" to explain what went on inside his head to cause him to take such drastic action.

His artistic talent is beyond belief as he took me on a journey of discovery into his intimate life, laughing and on occasion having me crying as he told his story through the play. The rollercoaster ride of emotions was powerful and draining.

Immediately afterwards we talked, shared, laughed, and got a little deep as we revealed to each other how similar we are. How similar we all are as humans in fact when going through tough times. 

People will come into your life for a reason, sometimes it is not always for good, mostly though it is.

When you are struggling, it is important to talk to someone. Know that someone will come into your life to help you at the right time, you simply have to be open to their approach when they do so.