Listen To Your Body

We now know that our body and brain are inextricably linked. What happens in the body is felt in the brain and what happens in the brain can manifest in our body. 

As science and research continues to investigate our brain, we are learning so much more about these close links. Mostly, 'they' are just confirming what we already knew or suspected to be true.

Here are some things that we all suspected about the links and have now confirmed;

Butterflies in the stomach - This is the result of the flight or fight reaction, when we get nervous stress hormones are released into the stomach which stimulates these nerves and sends signals to the brain to be aware of the danger ahead.  

Dry mouth - When we are nervous, our stomach shuts down so that the food inside the gut can be burned for energy to run away. Our mouth dries so that we do not consume food to ensure that the stomach can concentrate on burning what it already has inside it.

Inability to talk - When we are emotional we sometimes have difficulty in talking, we choke. This is caused by the nerves in the oesophagus being over-stimulated therefore constricting.

Diarrhoea - The stress reaction also results in the vagus nerve to over stimulate in our gut resulting in runny pooh! This is also a way of disposing of unused adrenalin.

Feelings in your heart - Some feeling sensations that we have in our heart sends signals to our brain, rather than the reverse. Hence, always say what is in your heart when you are confused as to what to say.

Gut feeling - This has been confirmed as accurate. The nerves in your gut have become a small 'brain' through evolution. Go with gut instinct as it will keep you safe.

Stress – When we are under pressure and feeling stressed, often it will be felt in the body. Sometimes we will have a sore neck, back or shoulder. Anywhere in fact close to the spine from where the brain sends and receives messages to and from the body.

The brain is a wonderfully complex organ, however it doesn’t always get things right.