Eat Dark Chocolate

We have all known that chocolate has been good for us right? Well, not all chocolate is good for us, but you know what I mean. Recent studies have shown that dark chocolate, which contains less sugar than white or milk chocolate, has many benefits including boosting your brain power while protecting you from heart disease and some cancers.

Eating about 30 grams of dark chocolate per day improves blood flow which allows your brain to think faster and reduces blood pressure.

Here’s some other reasons to eat a SMALL piece of dark chocolate each day;

·        The magnesium in dark chocolate decreases the coagulation in our blood which enables more oxygen to get to the brain.

·        It contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (good stuff) which allows the dopamine and serotonin levels (good chemicals) to remain for longer periods in your brain.  

·        Dark chocolate is rich in antioxidants (good stuff) which consume free radicals (bad stuff) in your blood.

·        Brain foods such as spinach, broccoli and raspberries are out done by dark chocolate ten-fold.

·        Dark chocolate increases your brain speed faster than caffeine does.

·        The PEA contained in dark chocolate activates the neurotransmitters in your brain that control alertness and concentration.

·        Dark chocolate produces similar endorphins to those produced immediately prior to and following sex.

As if you needed any other reason, eat dark chocolate for your brain.

I wonder how many of you read the entire post before deciding to eat dark chocolate, I would have started straight after reading the headline.

You’re welcome!