What I Have Learned After 35 Years of Marriage

Today is my 35th wedding anniversary therefore time to reflect on what I have learned over this time.  I wish that I had followed some of these things in this list to make my life even more fulfilling than it has been;

  • The honeymoon can last as long as you want it to. It is about doing different things each day and valuing those around you.
  • Never take anything for granted. Everything can change in an instant.
  • Look forward to happy things but always be in the moment, moments are what we live for and you may miss something great if you are always looking ahead.
  • Our money requirements are back-to-front. When need money the most to support our family it is seldom there, when we have enough the family is grown and money the pressures aren't as great.
  • Cherish your children in the best way that you can, they will remember the simple things that you do for them and with them.
  • Give a little to get a lot.
  • Guilt and regret will always tie you down so ignore the mistakes then make up for them in other ways.
  • We sometimes hurt the ones we love because they are just there in front of us, it's not because we want to hurt them.
  • In times of crisis just keep going. It may not get better but it will get different.
  • People come into your life for a reason, stop and find out what that reason is.
  • Ignore your prejudices, that's just your brain doing a bad job at protecting you.
  • Be thankful for whatever you have.
  • Sometimes you can't follow your dreams because you have other commitments. Don't worry, you will have enough time when the time is right.
  • Dream big. Dreams keep us focused, extend us, make us happy. If you don't reach your dream, I bet you nearly got there.

Why is it that we learn these things as we get older? Because that's life! Now get out there and live it.