Get Fit Or Else!

There is now absolutely no doubt that physical fitness is something we must all do to help keep our mind and body in good order. The research is irrefutable.  Not commonly known, physiology and psychology go hand-in-hand. For every thought that we have there is a physical occurrence in our body somewhere and for every physical action there is a trigger effect in the brain.  By looking after your body you are also looking after your mind. 

So what are the direct benefits of exercise on your brain? Here is some of them;

·        Reduces insulin resistance.

·        Reduces inflammation.

·        Stimulates the release of growth factors, chemicals that keep the brain cells healthy.

·        Stimulates the growth and survival of new brain cells.

The indirect benefits of exercise on the brain include;

·        Reduces stress and anxiety.

·        Improves mood.

·        Assists with sleep.

One of the biggest benefits of regular exercise is the release of endorphins which interact with receptors in your brain to reduce the perception of pain. A side benefit of endorphins is the positive feeling that it gives you, your mood changes for the better.

There is also a suggestion that those who exercise have a larger pre-frontal cortex, the part of the brain that controls thinking and memory.

How much exercise do you need, about 120 to 150 minutes per week of moderate to high intensity. It is much better to spread the exercise out across the week so a 30 minute medium to fast walk each evening after work provides the optimal benefit with another bonus of allowing you to calm after a hard day.

The physical benefits of exercise include;

·        Strengthens the heart.

·        Lowers blood pressure.

·        Improves muscle tone.

·        Strengthens bones.

·        Reduces fat.

·        You look better so feel better.

Don’t wait, get those shoes on and start now.