Making Difficult Decisions

We often find ourselves struggling with a difficult decision.  We can get so tied up with it that it eventually overpowers our brain and we become confused and overwhelmed.  It seems the harder we concentrate, the longer it takes to reach a decision.  The reason for this is that when we have been concentrating on the one thing for so long we become tense and we aren't using all of our brain.

The next time you have to make a difficult decision, try this;

  • Concentrate hard on the problem, write it down, come up with alternatives, really focus intensely on it.
  • Stop when you think that you have reached a conclusion and go for a walk, take a shower, watch TV, whatever you can to forget about the problem.
  • Return to the problem after your brain has relaxed and you will find the resolution comes with ease.

Our brain is like any other part of our body, if we use only one part of it for too long at maximum capacity it will become tired and prone to injury.  By relaxing it, all of the neurons will come into play and link across your entire brain rather than heading to the one spot.