Why Should I Help Out More?

I often used to think that I was just too busy to help out with a particular cause, not earning enough money to make regular donations to a charity, or too many other 'things' in my life to trouble myself with stopping to chat to someone who you may or may not know.

Too late in life I have learned that taking time to help out others, making regular donations to a charity, spending time with family, and the many other things that I have previously dismissed or disregarded could have added so much more value to my life.

I used to read that when you give something out the universe will pay you back more than you ever gave.  Really?  Who is going to believe that?  Well, I can tell you as previously the biggest cynic on this point, it works.  

The next time you think that you don't have the time to spend working for a good cause, can't afford to donate a modest sum to a charity, or go to walk passed the person you maybe should stop and say hello to, do so.  You may not get back exactly what you gave, it will return to you in many different ways and with greater rewards.  Try it and see!