Just Say NO!

As our workload increases at work, we know in the back of our minds that we should just say "no" but often we hear ourselves saying "no problem" instead. So how do you say no?

You could make an excuse, tell a little white lie, spend time explaining how busy we are, or avoiding the need to answer right away by asking if you can come back to them once you have had time to prioritise your workload. The problem with these strategies are that they are untruthful or delay the inevitable and only add to your bucket of stress.

Next time you are asked to take on an additional task that you know will place you under more pressure, try saying no immediately. If the requester pushes you further, then add that you won't be able to give the task your utmost priority and could make a mistake. Then, provide alternatives such as splitting the task between others, giving it to someone else as a development opportunity, or ask if it can be delayed until your existing workload is reduced.

Saying no to additional work can be uplifting if used correctly.