Patience - Just get on With It!

In this age of advancing technology, our lives have become much busier.  Previously, sending a memo to a co-worker took at least a day if they worked in the same building, at least two days if they worked elsewhere.  In a previous job I had, sending a memo was a great way of managing my workload when I had too much work open.  Send the file away with a question attached and you wouldn't get it back for at least two weeks, even longer if the person was away from the office.

Today we have emails, text messages, Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter, etc., etc.  We can send an entire file to a million people with the single click of a button and expect a reply back before the end of the day.  You can sit in your lounge watching a live sporting event in another country while shopping on the internet and chatting to friends on Facebook, all simultaneously while others in the room are doing the same. 

Apart from losing the art of communication, we have become impatient.  When I send a text message and don't get an immediate response I think "how rude are they".  If I don't get a reply to an e-mail by the end of the day I wonder if the email was sent correctly.  I worry when I am away from my computer if I get a message and don't respond in a timely manner as the sender might think that I am disinterested.

I have learned very recently that I need to show some patience, to slow things down, take a deep breath.  There is always a valid reason why a text message wasn't returned - their phone was flat, they were in a different part of the house to their phone, it was on silent.  We have so many emails that it takes time to get to them all.  Some times we have to contact other people before replying.

Technology is fantastic and has definitely improved our lives in some areas.  We just need to take back some control and get to these things when we can.