Let's Stay in our Comfort Zone

Sometimes when we are faced with a new challenge, it is so easy to say no and remain in our comfort zone.  "Why do I need the extra pressure in my life", "I don't need this right now", or "I am just too busy".  We all think this way.  I recall a few years ago when I was about to give evidence in the Coroner's Court and I was absolutely beside myself with nerves.  I spoke to the late Mate Frankovich, the presiding Coroner, about my predicament.  Mate in his measured style said, the day we don't get nervous about something is the day we must stop what we are doing.

Yes, we could stay in our comfort zone.  However I have found that pushing ourselves into new challenges provides greater rewards than we could ever imagine.  If you were to ask the top business leaders, key note speakers, professionals, or anyone that has started their own company, I am willing to bet that they all went outside of their personal comfort zone.

The next time you are asked to undertake something that pushes you outside of your comfort level, take the challenge and just do it to use a well known phrase.  Ignore the self-doubt that will inevitably creep in, you will surprise yourself at how well you can do.  The sense of achievement will lift your self-confidence and you will soon be looking for the next challenge.