Bills, Bills, and More Bills

Something that I used to find had a continual negative impact on me was the amount and frequency that we seem to receive bills requiring payment.  You know the ones, power, phone, rates, services, credit card, etc.  Even worse are those bills that have a penalty attached for non-payment by a certain date.

Apart from living like a hermit without the necessities of life, like death and taxes bills are one of the certainties of life.  So how do we reduce the tension around receiving them?  The first thing is to look at each bill and see if there are any savings to be made.  Can you cut down on the service, link two or three of them together to get an additional saving (power & gas for example), or can you do without the service altogether.  This will help your stress levels knowing that at least you are getting the best deal available.

The second thing to do is to have your payments paid automatically from your bank account.  Several things happen when you set up an automatic payment - you will normally get a discount from the service provider, you don't get pesky bills posted into your letter box, there is no need to worry about when the bill needs to be paid by, and you won't accrue penalty fees for non-payment.

All you have to do once you have completed the two tasks above is to watch one account, your bank account.  All the payments are listed in one place which will also allow you to better understand your spending.  The only worry then I guess is keeping the money coming in to your account to pay the bills!