Will I Ever Get Well Again?

On occasion, I am asked the question by those who are either depressed (beaten down from the pressure of life) or have depression (a clinical diagnosis) - "Will I ever get well again?" That's a tough question to answer. No two of us are the same, it depends what caused your illness, how deep down you are, whether you need medication, your current environment, the list goes on.

The important point - if you do nothing then there is little chance of recovery.

Seeing your doctor to get a referral, or go directly to a trained psychologist/psychotherapist is the very first thing that you must do. Without hesitation. You can try other things - mindfulness, meditation, yoga - but without expert help as to which treatment is right for you, you may never recover.

The next step to take is to follow what you have been told. Other people and other things might help, but you have to take action yourself, it won't come to you.

Taking a pill might help, and you should do this if you are advised to, but waiting for a magic pill to work is not enough. The mind, body and soul must be treated together.

Some people get comfortable in the mire, with being depressed or having depression, because it is known to them. They get comfortable waking up each day with the same thoughts, feelings and emotions so there is nothing 'different' to them.

The third thing to do is to believe in yourself, believe that you will get well, believe that you have the strength inside you to fight, believe that you won't go back to where you are now. Inner strength is powerful, more powerful than I ever thought it could be.

The power of the mind is incredible, you can train it to do almost anything if you dig deep enough and persevere.

I was, and still am to a large extent, a skeptic. Believe no one, believe in nothing, believe that life just happens. That's not the case for all things, most things you do have some control over, the greatest control you have is over your thoughts. You can choose them, trust me on this.

The best explanation I have read about the mind, or our thoughts, is that our mind originates from our brains (yes, brains) working in unison to form our thoughts. The mind then operates our brain, apart from the automaton system. Therefore, you have the ability to control your mind, to control your thoughts.

Going back to the original question, "Will I ever get well again?" Yes you will, or close to it. You may be weak and vulnerable in some areas, but other areas of your brain will awaken to support the weaknesses or vulnerability.

The bottom line, you won't get well if you do nothing.

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