Are We There Yet?

How often have we heard that as parents when we are travelling? Children just want to get there as fast as possible. Eventually we reach our destination, do what it is that we came to do, and then travel back home to the same chorus of, "Are we there yet?"

We never stop travelling on journeys, and while we reach destinations, there are always more journeys to take. Well, maybe at the very end we reach our final destination, if you know what I mean.

I once was an advocate of slowing down, smelling the roses, savouring the journey as we travel. I tried it and disliked it. The fact is, I get bored very easy. I last about an hour if I have nothing to do, I get fidgety when on holiday with just sitting by the beach, I hate not being near shops, travelling on a tour bus is not for me, you get the picture.

Sitting typing this post at the airport while heading home from working overseas, should I be relaxing, some would say so. Would it be enjoyable for me in doing so, not at all? Is that wrong? I don't think so.

Life is a journey with lots of destinations that we spend time at for a short period before moving on to the next. It's what we do as we travel our journey that is important, more important I think than listening to what other people tell us that we must or must not do.

Each of us is very different. I relax by staying on the go. Others relax by reading a book, others by adventure sports, the list goes on. I now say - do what it is that makes you the most relaxed. 'Do one thing a day that makes you smile' is my new mantra.

Research is great, I base all my work on contemporary research. But at the end of the day, research is 'for the majority', not the totality. Research tells us that we should take time out to rest, relax, recuperate. And we should, but it's how we do this that is different for each of us.

Adhering strictly to what others say that you should do may in fact have the reverse effect, it may make you worry that you aren't doing what you should be doing because others said that you should. I knew someone who was told he should exercise more so he took up running. He hated running but drove himself to do it because he was told it would be good for him.

It's just like giving up an unhealthy habit, we know it is bad and that we should stop, this worry simply adds another layer to the unhealthy habit. Do what you believe is right for you, if it feels right then it is. You are unique.

Relax, don't stress, do what you believe is right for you. After all, looking at the roses as you walk by can be just as beneficial as stopping to smell them for some of us.

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