Judge Me Not, Life Happens.

You might think that you know someone, please know that you do not, no matter how long or how close you have known them. We sometimes look at someone and think "I know you, you are this type of person so I will put you in this box". Or we might think "Why can't I be like you", for whatever reason that might be.

We often judge people on looks, not consciously, subconsciously. That's how we once survived, wary of danger.

Each of us is the same yet very different. We are born into the human race, and apart from some genetic differences, for the most part we are all the same. And then 'life' happens - we each grow up with different experiences, having different emotions, and learning different lessons.

No matter who you are - from a rough sleeper to a CEO, from a cleaner to a senior manager, from a corporate leader to a student - we are all the same yet slightly different.

What got us to where we are today, life. What made us different, life. What makes each of us special, life.

Some of us were privileged and born into greatness while others were born into hardship. Some of us experience good fortune while others never seem to make any headway no matter how hard we work. Some of us are lucky while others not quite so much. Some of us got through life unscathed while others of us suffered great tragedy.

Yet we are all humans, the same but different, because of life.

When you first see me, please don't judge me, please don't think that you know me, please don't put me into 'that box'. Please stop and take the time to ask me about me. Talk to me, find out about me while I find out about you. Often, we will be thinking the same thing, other times not quite the same, but by talking we will now know what the other is thinking.

Please don't judge me for who you think that I am, because I am not that person. I am me and there is no other like me. And that's because of life.

I do not need your sympathy, your empathy, your compassion, or your pity. I do not need your adoration, your praise, your applause, or your promotion. I simply need you to listen and to learn about me.

I ask you to have an open mind without judging me. I need you to talk with me, as one human being to another on an equal footing. Then, and only then, will know me. Then I give you permission to judge me.

I wish I had known then what I know now. Let's talk more.