Take Your Time, There's No Need To Rush.

I have been rushing for most of my life - rushing to grow up, rushing to progress my career, rushing to be the first, rushing to beat others, rushing to get to the top, rush, rush, rush.

And in my rush I have missed so much - missed being a child, missed having fun, missed stopping for a chat, missed savouring the wonderful moments along the way.

Today, our lives are so much busier than when I was growing up, we all know that. And just lately I have been getting busy with work, at home, and in my personal life. But here's the difference - today I stop and wait, I “Crouch and hold”.

If you ask me if I would like to grab a cuppa, you bet I would. If you want to chat, absolutely. If you want a hand with something, yes I can. If you ask me if I have five minutes to spare, sure I do (unless I have a prior engagement of course). If you need me today, possibly not but let’s look at when we can meet.

Since slowing down I have become much calmer - I chat more, learn more, enjoy more, worry less and aren't so stressed as I once was. I no longer fret that I may miss out if I don’t act now, I no longer pack my diary with appointments, I no longer rush to grab that bargain, I take my time and plan. Wow, what a positive difference this makes.

Slow down, smell the roses, take in the day, savour the moment, be in the moment, and live life to the max. By slowing down you will actually achieve more than you ever thought possible and you will be the better for doing so.

If it is meant to be it will be is my new mantra. And by taking my time it always ends for the better, in more ways than one.