More Sleep Stuff

Sleep, the one thing that is so important for our wellbeing. Here's a few quick facts that may help you to understand the circadian rhythm and why it is so important to try and maintain regular patterns.

Your body works on a time clock - when it gets light we wake up, when it gets dark we go to sleep. Or so it is supposed to work that way. But your other organs also work on a time clock - your heart, your liver, kidney, stomach, etc. All must have a regular pattern. If you eat at a different time of the day you will change the circadian rhythm.

You should fall asleep within 30 minutes of going to bed. If you don't, it's not the right time for your rhythm. Go to bed 15 minutes later than normal for the first week, then another 15 minutes later the next week until you fall asleep within 30 minutes. That is the start of your sleep cycle. To move it back to the hour that you want to go to sleep, reverse the process.

Here are some more basic rules, courtesy of the latest research;

·       Stick as close as you can to regular patterns. (Shift workers, this is difficult I know)

·       Workout in the morning to boost your serotonin levels – they help you sleep at night.

·       Do most of your thinking at work around mid-morning.

·       Only eat during the day at regular times.

·       Your cave where you sleep needs to be cold and dark, really dark.