What Can We Learn From The Very Young?

Watching very young children at play can be one of the most enlightening things that we can do to build our resilience if we follow their lead. As I grandpa, I get to do this. Here's what I learned;

  • Prejudice - Young children do not pre-judge, they see only young people just like them.
  • Talk - They talk, a lot. Only those of the same age know what they are saying, but they are fully engaged in their gibberish.
  • Your turn, my turn - When they are speaking, the other sits and listens.
  • Share - They will share their toys. If they don't want to share, they hold the toy tight and rather than cause a fuss the other will find another toy to play with. 
  • Compassion - If one grabs a toy from the other and the other begins to cry, the first will also begin to cry and most likely hand over the toy.
  • Laughter - Children laugh, more than any other age. 
  • Sleep - The very young know that sleep is important. They get cranky, rub their eyes, and cry when it is time for bed. 
  • Adventurous - Boys in particular know no fears, they like to explore and try different things.
  • Playful - They will choose simple things to play with and play with them until they have exhausted every way of playing with it.
  • Forgive - If they have a fight with another, it is over and forgotten in a short space of time.
  • Eat well - The only reason children like sugary foods is because we give it to them. Young kids will eat good food if you use the right words - yum, yum.
  • Emotion - They aren't afraid to show emotion. If they are unhappy or sad they will cry, if they are happy they will smile and laugh.
  • Ask - If they are having trouble, they will ask for help.
  • Never give up - If they refuse help they will keep trying until they have tried every way.

I could go on, there are many ways in which we can learn from the very young. Innocence is lost as we grow and begin to take on learnings from our main influencers, our family and peers. Our attitude and perception becomes somewhat distorted.

Become young again, look at your attitude and perception and mirror the innocent behaviour of the very young.