How To Get Through The Week

Oh no, Monday has arrived. And there are five long days to go until party time. So what is going to happen this week, probably what happens every week.

I can expect a flurry of excitement once I arrive at work on a Monday as people talk about their weekend, that will last about 15 minutes.  This will be followed by a busy time working out what I have to do today, that's another 10 minutes gone. 

Then I will have the obligatory Monday morning meeting because apparently all of the information given to me on Friday has somehow fallen out of our head over the weekend. That meeting will go for far too long, at least we are now at 10:00. Now what?

Oh that's right, morning tea. Now we can sit around and talk about what a great weekend we all had, just like we did 2 hours ago. Perhaps a bit more detail though and a bit more laughing.

Back to the desk, let's start work. First email, nope, I'll do that one later because it looks like too much effort. Next email, they want me to do what? I'll need clarification on that so let's send it back to delay it more and look at the next one.

Third time lucky, I can do this one. Wow, look at the time, it's 10:30. Time's just flying by. And so it goes for the next six hours, then the next day, and then hump day (the middle of the week), but Thursday is after hump-day so I will slump down again.

Friday is here at last, which means that the weekend is just one day away. Don't Friday's just fly by? Talk to someone on a Friday and they will tell you how busy they are, and they are busy trying to get the work done that they were supposed to be doing over the last four days.

I wonder what would happen if I treated every day like a Friday? If I got stuck in to my work and went flat out. Time would certainly fly by, I would get a lot of work done, I wouldn't be procrastinating over the work I hated doing, I could ask for more work and start to get noticed by my boss, and doing more work would mean more variety.

And throughout the week when I felt down I could look forward to the end of the day, to the weekend coming up, to something exciting I had to do in a few weeks’ time, maybe even start planning an overseas holiday. That would keep my brain distracted and happy when I felt a bit down. Mind you if I got stuck into my work I probably wouldn’t feel so down, I would be achieving something, feeling like I was part of a team, feeling a sense of satisfaction.

Or I could just wallow in 'Mondayitis'.