I Want To Be Someone Else

How many times have you thought to yourself, "I wish that I was 'that' person." You see someone on television who is living a dream life, maybe watching a sports professional that you would like to play just as well as, or maybe a business person exceeding in their professional life.

The fact is, while these people may be the best at what they do, they have the same worries as us, the same issues as us, the same worries, and the same fears. Oftentimes their 'issues' are worse than ours.

It is one thing to admire these successful people, it is another to want to be them. When we do this we are telling ourselves that we aren't successful, that we aren't worthy, that we are in fact never going to be successful. And that is rubbish.

You may never be what you wish you could be, and that is just a reality. However, who is to say that you will never be the successful person that you desire to be? Only you, no one else. We all have self-doubt. It is a researched fact that most people do not believe they should be where they are in life and they wait for someone or something to bring them down.

You are where you are because of the road you chose. Or maybe life threw you a curveball. Accept that and look to the future. Don't let your past hold you back, set yourself some goals and keep moving forward. Look to those successful people who have achieved and work to be like them, not actually them.

Also remember, most of them came from the same place as you and I.