What Does It Take To Be Great

You have heard it said that to be great you need a far-off goal, support from others, dogged determination, and to just keep going when things get tough. We look up to those of you have done just that, who have made it, who have had a dream and realised it. So often this person is someone who is very wealthy and/or prominent. We celebrate your success.

But what about those amongst us who are working just as hard, have modest dreams, have support from family and a few friends, are determined to reach their realistic dreams yet are easily swayed to take a different path, and want to succeed but success to them is a modest life-style.

For me, those people are also leaders amongst us. These people are doing wonderful things, working each day to ensure that they can achieve what they set out to do and making a difference in peoples lives along the way.

For me, those people are the ones that we should look to in awe. They are the people just like you who go to work each day, doing your very best that you can, looking after yourself and your family. 

You are the ones who work as hard as you can in support of the people that you work for. You get up each day, travel to work in congested flows, work 8 to 10 hours each day with overtime thrown in if 'they' ask you to, then travel back home in the same congested flows you travelled in earlier that day.

You are the people who keep businesses going. You are the people who complete the often tiresome work for your employer. You are the ones who want your company to succeed. You are the ones who are forgotten about unless you do something wrong, which isn't that often.

For me, you are the leaders that we should also look up to. Thank you for doing what you do each and every day.