Men Can help Themselves

Men are over-represented in depression by about 2 to 1. I have a view on why it is that men get unwell (brain sickness). I believe it's because we are tough (stupid).

When women have a problem they talk to their friends, when men have a problem they talk to themselves. When women want someone to listen to them they find a close friend and ask for their opinion (no point talking to a man because he will go straight to problem solving), when men want someone to listen to them they listen to themselves.

If women get sick they go to the doctor, us men 'work through' the sickness because we can. If we are really concerned about our sickness we will put pressure on ourselves to see if we are actually sick. When men get an injury, we will go for a run or to the gym to see if we are in fact injured. Usually we are and will make it worse!

When women meet up with friends they talk about their problems, their pleasures, their family, their work, and a whole heap of other stuff. When men meet they talk about work and sport.

I wonder what would happen if men started following what women do? Don't be silly, we do okay by ourselves.