Time to Refocus

Sometimes we just need to start again, to refocus. I have reached that time. Like so many of us we are stuck in the past, perhaps stuck in the present, or stuck by always thinking about the future and not living in the moment.

When we get stuck like this there are consequences, both good and bad. The good thing is that our brain is now focused on one area and will get comfortable in that spot so we will also feel comfortable. Our brain doesn't like surprises, it hates change, it just wants to be comfortable. And that's also the bad thing, we are stuck there.

I am not a psychologist but I have spoken to many people who are in the mire and unwell. They get to a point where, although they are unwell, they are 'comfortable' being unwell. Ask them and they will say that they want to get better but their brain is telling them that to change is too scary. Their brain won't want them to change because it knows that at the moment each day is the same. To refocus will only add to being unwell, that’s what the brain is telling them.

This is when we need to refocus, to take back control of our brain. We need to take steps to ignore our brain and move forward from wherever we are stuck. How do you do it, you trick your brain into believing that refocussing is exciting rather than frightening. It is you who controls your thoughts, not your brain. Your brain reacts to your thoughts. (A bit simplistic but I am sure that you know what I mean).

Sit down and think about what you want to change, what part of your life you want to refocus on. Writing it out helps put the thought of change into your subconscious which will help kick-start your brain. Then list only the good points about why you need to refocus and what are the benefits of refocussing. You don't need to list the negatives, your brain will be reminding you of those soon enough.

Then take small steps towards the change. It is going to be hard, your brain will want you to stay where you are but ignore what it is telling you. Each day when you wake up look at your steps, smile as you read them, and do something towards your change. Keep doing this day after day, week after week, etc. Your brain will soon learn who is in control, you are. Be brave and refocus. The benefits are endless.

For me, I am going to refocus my business. I was afraid to start one, afraid to continue in case I failed, and afraid to get too busy. Not anymore. Today I start working harder, meeting as many people as I can and getting busier. Look out world because I am coming, closely followed by my brain!