How To Be Resilient 3

The last of the three most important things that you can do to support your well-being is to socialise, to talk with others.

Humans are communicators. Since the beginning of time we have been talking to each other. Before electronics, before the typewriter, before the quill, (those who grew up in the electronic age will be Googling the word 'quill), even before drums, we would talk. 

Our brains were wired to communicate, and because of that it is important for our mental health to talk with others. Women do it very well, that's why they don't have as many 'issues' as men do. They talk about their problems, they share their stories, and they talk about how they feel. (I can see the men cringing already).

Socialising is not sending out messages on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, that's just exercising your fingers. (And I get the irony in sending my message out to you now on LI, FB and Twitter). 

Talking with others has many benefits;

·        Share problems and get answers.

·        Learn manners of your turn, my turn.

·        Clarifies thoughts.

·        Strengthens neural pathways.

·        Delays the onset of dementia.

And you don't always have to talk with other people to benefit from talking. Use self-talk when you want to change a behaviour and think positively.

If we isolate ourselves from the world, there is an increased risk of becoming unwell. Just look at what happens to people in the extreme case of those held in prison isolation.

Bottom line, get out there and talk.