Talk to Me, Please.

We don't talk enough.  Socialisation is third on our list of 'must dos' after sleep and exercise.  These three things will keep us mentally well. Coincidentally, socialisation is also third on our hierarchy of needs.  Talking to others has many benefits; sharing a problem, finding out what's going on, distracting you from your worries, the list goes on.

Socialisation is not sitting in a chair posting messages on Facebook or Twitter. I’m sorry, you actually have to get out and talk to people. Real people with real conversations. When we use e-devices to speak with others we will often say things that we don’t mean, there is no venting involved, and emotions aren’t portrayed in the communication. All these things are part of a genuine conversation.

Socialisation is about getting out of the house and talking to others about your work, your worries, and your life. It is also about learning social skills, how to interact with others, understanding manners in conversation, and interacting with the community.

Meet with a group of friends that you work with so that you can debrief all the challenges of your workplace.  But remember to also have a group of friends from outside of your work so that you aren't always talking about work stuff.  

It is said that attitude plays an important part in how we feel. Sometimes when I wake up I feel myself feeling a bit down. When this happens I ask myself “so what’s changed?” Usually nothing has changed, it’s just my thoughts. My brain is either tired or looking for something to worry about. Changing your thoughts changes your attitude which changes your emotions.

Getting out and talking to people can change your attitude. Talk with people you enjoy being around, the ones that make you laugh. Positive conversations result in positive emotions. Never talk to those who speak in a negative language as this will also influence your attitude, in a bad way.

When we are feeling down we don't like to meet with others, we want to shut ourselves off from the world. That is the wrong thing to do as we will just become even more withdrawn. Get out there and distract your thoughts and change your emotions with engaged conversation.