Who Do You Think You Are?

Opinions, we all have them.  Me, I am an ex-negotiator and an ex-cop so I have plenty of them.  Sometimes I think that my opinions matter the most.  They don't, and nor do yours.

Opinions are just that, what one person believes based on many things; how they were raised, what they learned, who their friends were, how they were treated, and endless other factors.  Opinions are loosely based on fact but are seldom accurate.

Opinions are also linked to our emotions.  If someone's opinion is different to our own we don't like it.  If the other person tells us that our opinion is wrong then we feel hurt and may take offence at what was said.  Be careful not to confuse opinions with criticism, they are quite different. 

If you disagree with an opinion then it is okay to say so but do it without being hurtful yourself.  Don't say anything that resembles "Who do you think you are" as it will not end well.  Just say, "that is a great thought", followed up with your own opinion.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as are you.  Just don't confuse opinions with fact and certainly don't be offended by them.