Why Me?

Yesterday was one of those days when I asked myself, "why me". Why, when I work so hard do things not go right for me? And as quick as that thought came, I dismissed it. You see, it's not about me, you, or anyone else. It just is, and you need to trust that these things happen for a reason.

My day started early with a business meeting scheduled for 7:30 am across the other side of town. Up at 5:30, drove through traffic without having eaten to arrive early. I get a call, the person that I was meeting with had an urgent meeting. No problems, let's reschedule.

I go to my next meeting, wait for half on hour, then go to his office when he doesn't arrive as agreed. They don't know where he is. 0 for 2, I can live with that. Stuff happens.

I go to my third meeting and, you guessed it, another no-show. As I walked back to my car, dressed in a suit and tie with the sun beating down on me making me sweat profusely, I wondered why me, what am I doing wrong? Go and get a real job like everyone else I thought. Then I had another thought, you teach this stuff, take some of your own medicine. Keep going and see what happens.

I went to meet with the person that I was suppose to meet at 7:30 am. It was now 12:30. She was so apologetic that I felt terrible about having that selfish attitude. It wasn't her fault, she was called to a very urgent meeting that both of us had no control over. Her day had been disrupted as has mine.  Our meeting went well and I also got to talk to two other people whom I knew from my previous career. Had the 7:30 am meeting not been postponed I wouldn't have met them.

I got a call from the third person I was to meet. She had placed our appointment in her calendar while overseas where it was two hours behind our country. We chatted, I got some great guidance from her and we will meet next week close to where I live instead of me having to travel across town. Bonus time.

My fourth meeting went well. It was 2:30 pm and I hadn't eaten, there was food here! I met some wonderful people and we finished the meeting with a glass of wine. Bonus again.

Once back home 12 hours after my day started, I was advised that the person I was suppose to meet for the second appointment had been terribly ill. Now I felt really bad. We are now going to meet when he has recovered and I bet that this new meeting will go exceptionally well because I won't be so rushed. Plus he is buying the coffee. Bonus three.

Things do happen to us.  Sometimes they are so bad that I cannot explain why. But when little things happen like that which occurred to me yesterday, just go with the flow and see what happens. You see, it's not about you or me, it just is and you never know what may happen because of it.