Make New Memories

I have been contacted recently by some who are struggling with their negative thoughts at this particular time of year. If you are struggling emotionally over the holiday period, then it is important that you contact the right people for help.

For most, a counselling service is often enough to support us through our seasonal struggle. They will explain what is going on inside your head and provide you with the right kind of help and support depending upon your unique situation.

For those who have been struggling for some time and the struggle is intensified, it is important that you engage with a qualified psychologist. This is their area of expertise and they are very good at it. They will give you an in-depth understanding of what is going on and offer practical things for you to do that will help and support you. Trust them and follow their guidance. 

For those few who are flooded with thoughts of suicide, it is imperative that you call the police who have specialist negotiators who are trained in immediate crisis intervention. They will stand beside you wherever you are, talk with you, and walk you out of the immediate danger. 

In times of celebration while most are enjoying the happy times, there are some struggling with negative thoughts and emotions. For those who are in that position; know that you are not alone, know that there is help, know that you can get out of your situation, and know that you can make new memories to overcome the negative ones.

Often when we are feeling low it is because we are allowing our thoughts to consider only the negative things or to dwell on past memories. Stop it! 

Make new memories. Help someone in need, give of your time, visit a friend, take a trip, get involved in new things, excite your brain. 

You can get through these tough times, there are many of us who are testament to this. You just need to fight a bit harder. Make new memories and make them better than the previous memories.