New Year's Resolutions, Why You Should Set Them.

By now you will have seen a proliferation of posts about the pros and cons of setting New Year's resolutions so I will keep my thoughts on this topic short.

I believe that they are a good thing, and you should set at least one. Here's why I think that they are a good thing;

·        They focus your attention on positive things.

·        They provide momentum in your life.

·        They set a target, something tangible to aim for.

·        You are challenging yourself, no one else.

As long as you keep things in perspective, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose by setting New Year’s resolutions.

Some say that you don’t need New Year’s resolutions to make a go of life and that you should just set a goal and go for it at any time ion the year. For some of us however, we need to have a definitive start point.

Others say that failing at New Year’s resolutions can increase your negative emotions. They are right, but only if you see the failure as a failure. Not achieving a resolution is just that, you haven’t achieved it, yet.

If you have a setback in your resolution, reframe your thoughts and get straight back to it. If you let yourself down know that at least for a short period of time you worked towards a goal. And that is what matters the most, you started.

Don’t dwell on the negative, you haven’t failed, you just had a setback. Get straight back to your resolution and keep working on it. By doing so you will soon form a habit, a positive habit.

Ignore those who say that New Year’s resolutions will only lead you to disappointment. What would they know about you.