Sun, Light, Heat and the Weather.

Not only does noise impact on us positively and negatively, the environment in which we operate can also have an impact. Here are some lesser known (useless) facts that may be of interest to you;

Sun - We know that too much sun can present a risk to your health, skin cancer can occur with too much exposure to the ‘rays’. We need sunlight to produce melatonin which allows us to sleep better at night. It has further benefits of increasing good hormone levels and is helpful for our neurotransmitters in the brain.

A lack of sunlight can create a condition known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). 

Light - Light can affect our mood, mental alertness and speed of thinking. When the light is dim, which we sometimes do to see our computer screens easier, melatonin engages and sends your brain to sleep. Instead, make your computer screen brighter.

If you want to be more alert, turn up the lights and ensure the light globes/tubes have full blue spectrum which is similar to the sun. Some globes/tubes have too much red and violet light.

Heat - When we get too hot, it lowers our intellectual and physical tasks. Pretty obvious really. But if you get too hot when asleep you will have bad dreams as your brain 'wakes up' while you are dreaming. Your brainhas to be cold to go to sleep.

A rise of just 1 degree in temperature disturbs cognitive functions. Higher temperatures can cause low mood and increase inter-group conflict at work.

If it is too cold at work, you will also go to sleep as your brain believes that it is night time.

Living in warmer climates will extend your life expectancy.

Weather - Wind can affect your mood. 

Exams aren't held in Southern Europe if the wind blows from the Sahara Desert because it changes the air pressure and students can't think.

Recent studies have shown that suicide happens more frequently in the Spring and early Summer, not in the Winter as previously thought.