Too Much Noise!

As someone who enjoys total silence, particularly when I am working or sleeping, I was surprised to read some researched facts on noise;

·        Noise above 75 decibels raises your blood pressure.

·        People who live close to airports have higher than average blood pressure levels. 

·        Loud intermittent noise is worse for you than loud constant noise.

·        In 2006, 3 percent of fatal heart attacks was caused by loud noises.

·        Noise in an open office often distracts others thus reducing their productivity.

·        Only 20 percent of people like complete silence when working. (I knew that I was special).

·        Benefits in concentration can be gained by listening to quiet music through personal headsets.

·        Apparently, if you listen to certain types of music it can impact on your mental ability;

·        Classical music it is great for learning new information.

·        Listening to Meat Loaf, Rolling Stones and Status Quo raises your energy levels.

·        Mozart is good if you are doing calculations or about to sit a test.

·        Creative thinking is increased if you listen to calming music such as Neil Diamond or Tubular Bells. (ugh!)

·        Listening to the radio or a player with varied types of music can decrease your learning abilities. 

Sometimes research is not always right!