What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

Is the saying “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” an accurate statement?  I believe not.  Is an event that severely impacted upon you and damaged you in some way made you a better person?  Yes.  When we suffer a crisis event in our lives, like any injury it leaves a scar.  All scars have a memory attached to them.  The technique to overcome such an event is to replace it with something positive.  I prefer to say “what doesn’t kill us makes us wiser’.

Along the same theme, “time heals all”.  Does it really?  Time doesn’t heal all, it simply puts distance between the event occurring and replaces the memory with new ones.

How about “don’t worry about the small stuff”?  In business, and in particular when managing staff, I have found that dealing with the small stuff immediately stops it gaining momentum to become a bigger problem.  Moreover, an accumulation of minor issues leads to much larger problems and negatively impacts on your staff.  “Worry about the small stuff and the big stuff may not eventuate”.