Is Communication Important?

For most of us, the most difficult aspect of our work life is communicating with others.  Whether this is talking with customers, attending meetings, holding employment conversations, or presenting in front of a group, these forms of communication heighten our stress levels.

Adding to this stress is the need to prepare, what to say, how to say it, will it be within the required time, what questions will be asked, will I make a mistake, etc.  Very soon, our emotions take control of our brain as our heart rate increases and blood pressure rises.  Our brain begins to focus on the negative and logic is a forgotten ability.

Communication is important in every aspect of our lives, not just at work.  Humans like to communicate, we need to communicate.  However, this is not always an enjoyable practice at work.

So, how do we make communication easier?  Practice, practice, practice.  Find an opportunity to develop your communication skills; develop your customer service practices, volunteer to present on a topic in front of a group, join an organisation such as toastmasters, grab any chance on offer where you can speak.  This method of immersion will soon reduce your stress levels as you become more comfortable at communications.