EVOLVE Wellness - An Exciting New Venture

I am very proud and privileged to announce an additional venture for WARN International Ltd, we are partnering with Lee-Anne Wann - Lee-Anne Wann - and Paul Walsh - Group Q Security to bring an innovative, informative and enjoyable program to organisations.

EVOLVE Wellness provides you with the important skills necessary to face life’s challenges. Learning how to reduce stress, energise the body, and keeping yourself free of danger are the three essential skills necessary to live a fruitful life in today’s hectic world.

This fun packed, fast paced presentation will keep you on the edge of your seat as we take you on an evolutionary journey with three of New Zealand’s leading experts in their respective fields who have themselves faced many adversities.

Real stories from real people who have real solutions. 

Fuel for the body, an acute awareness of surroundings, and self-control of the mind – these are the key messages of our holistic programme.

EVOLVE Wellness brings together;


Refreshingly different, Lee-Anne Wann is New Zealand’s most trusted health, fitness & nutrition expert.

She runs a health and fitness consultancy company, providing organisations with health and fitness solutions. She also runs a private nutrition practice where she works with many athletes, celebrities, individuals and corporates helping them achieve optimal health, wellness and vitality. Lee-Anne is:

  • The New Zealand Vodafone Warriors National Rugby league team nutritionist, looking after over 100 athletes
  • A regular columnist for many publications, including the New Zealand Herald
  • Proud to be an Ambassador for Men’s Health Trust New Zealand and September supporting the New Zealand Cerebral Palsy Society.

As well as a television host, celebrity trainer and author of three health and fitness books, Lee-Anne is a regular speaker at corporate conferences, company workshops and executive retreats.

Lee-Anne has extensive accreditations in health and fitness. She is constantly updating and refreshing her knowledge to ensure she is up-to-date with the latest ideas and scientific research. Her approach recognises that our lives are complicated and busy.

Lee-Anne is upfront, honest and a straight talker, with a fun-loving, inspirational approach. She inspires people to believe in themselves by focussing on changes that truly make a difference.


Paul Walsh QSM has a fascinating story to tell. From the elite special tactics group to international security consultancy, he has worked in critical situations all over the world. He has been involved in many high-risk operations – some of them still classified.

  • He was part of the team that rescued baby Kahu.
  • He helped guard Israeli Olympic athletes as part of a counter-terrorism project.
  • He has served alongside the US Secret Service.

From a man-hunt in the Solomon Islands to a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, life has never been dull. One-day safeguarding VIPs in Kabul, 36 hours later providing close protection to Metallica in Argentina.

These experiences have given him a unique view on the value of life around the world, and the need for individuals to be able to manage risk in fast-changing situations.

Today he shares his knowledge with the private and corporate sector, to educate and empower. He teaches an understanding of how risk exists all around us – and how we can manage that risk to achieve successful outcomes.

Paul will thrill you with his life story and NZ case studies, whilst providing valuable insights on keeping safe in an unsafe world.


Lance was New Zealand’s top police crisis negotiator. He has worked with elite tactical teams within the military, police and corrections, he makes regular media appearances, and recently published his memoir which quickly became a bestseller – Behind The Tape.

Having trained in NZ, Australia and with the FBI, Lance acquired the essential skills to successfully engage with people at the very limit of their emotions. He specialised in suicide intervention and handled many high-risk negotiations, including the Napier Siege and the Paremoremo prison hostage situation involving George Baker.

Lance also worked at the highest level in the police 111 call centre, where his communications and resilience programme became mandatory training for all emergency call centre staff.

Lance is now consulting and coaching on reducing stress-related issues in the workplace, with a focus on communication in challenging situations. His sessions are informative and delivered with humour to ensure an entertaining presentation.

For more information, please visit our website or message us at info@evolvewellness.com.