It's Time To Bring Back Balance!

Life is so busy that 'life' can sneak up on you, so sneaky that you may not be aware it is doing so. If it jumps on you, 'life' can literally, change your life. Not in a good way mind you, in a bad way.

There is so much pressure around us - pressure at work, pressure at home, pressure to eat better, pressure to take on healthy habits, pressure, pressure, pressure. And this pressure builds up over time, slowly but surely.

Work life balance is not a myth, it's just that the scales are often weighted towards work. You can tilt it back.

Here's a simple exercise that you might want to complete that could help you swing the pendulum of 'life' back towards the good side;

  1. Write down each aspect of your life that is important to you - family, home, children, work, friends, sport, fitness, car, hobby - one word for each important aspect.
  2. Score each aspect - a score of '1' means that you aren't doing as well as you want to, 10 means you no longer have to get any better at it, you've nailed it.
  3. Look at the aspect that you scored the highest - then list the factors (what you are doing to make it feel that you are excelling) in that aspect - time, money, energy, enjoyment, passion, research, happiness, etc.
  4. What of these factors can you use to increase the score of an aspect in your life that you want to increase, to tilt towards - perhaps you could spend more time at home doing enjoyable things with the family if family is a factor you want to improve on.

A simple exercise like this can help to bring perspective to your life. It might show you that you are doing okay, or perhaps tip the scales back to being balanced if you need to.

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