Are You Ready For 2017?

Welcome to 2017. I love the beginning of the year as I look at what I want to achieve across the next 12 months. And I relish the opportunity that each new day brings.

Here's 10 tips that I have learned from successful people about how to get the most out of the year to achieve all that you want to achieve;

  1. Stay true to yourself - first and foremost you must stay true to yourself. Stick rigidly to your own values, to your ethics, and to your beliefs. Don't allow others to influence these core cornerstones, stay strong and true.
  2. Be flexible - while it is good to have a set of goals or a business plan to guide you and help you 'stay the course', you should also be flexible with your goals and plans. Richard Branson said it very well, "If someone asks if you can do something, say yes, then figure it out."
  3. Take it one step at a time - you have your plan, your big picture, the goal of what you want to achieve. Now break it down into smaller steps and work on each step one step at a time. Every now and then look up to your plan but don't let it overawe you, only look up to see how far you have come then go back to the small step. Importantly, take that first step.
  4. Maintain control of your thoughts - do not allow your brain to control your negative thoughts. We all need to worry, that's what keeps us safe. The problem is that we worry about the wrong things. Worry has been triggered by something necessary so write it down and work out what it is that underlies your worry to find the answer. Additionally, don't let jealousy creep in when you see someone getting ahead or doing something similar to what you do. Use that as motivation to do better.
  5. Surround yourself with good people - look to those who have been there before you and use their experience and wisdom. Talk to them about your fears, your problems, and your worries. Collaboration is the key to success in 2017, work with others to advance each other. A word of caution on this one, take care that you choose the right people to surround yourself with. In business, strong ethics is important.
  6. Learn and develop - you have to look after yourself first before you can look after others. Keep yourself up to date with the latest trends, the latest research, and the newest methods. Professional development is imperative in today's ever-changing world. Successful people train all three key areas - physical, academic and mental skills. Keep fit, study for academic qualifications and work on your mental skills associated with the thought process.
  7. Keep going - perseverance is often the key. History shows us that many success stories have come from those who kept going no matter what the setback or adversity they faced. Mistakes happen, keep going. Review your goals and plans every so often to see if they remain relevant if you aren't achieving what you set out to do.
  8. Believe in 'you' - Research reveals that many successful people often do not believe that they should be where they are today. They remain full of self-doubt and hold a fear that they might be found out as a fraud. This is natural. Believe in yourself and that you are where you are today because of your skills and that you are where you are today because others believed in you. You've got this!
  9. Give it everything - fully commit yourself to achieve your goals or plans. "The harder I work the luckier I get" is a good mantra. Being fully committed will help to reduce self-doubt, will control your negative thoughts, and will provide the greatest opportunity for success.
  10. Get the balance right - we all need to rest, to take time out, to refocus and reassess, to stay grounded. Take time off and away from your business whenever you need to. There are no hard-and-fast rules, be guided by what you 'feel' is right. There are negative consequences for working too hard; loss of enjoyment, loss of family, loss of friends, and ultimately burnout. There is little point in doing all of the above to succeed if you fall at the last hurdle from overwork.

I wish you the very best for 2017. What this year brings for you in your career or business is up to you. Make it a great year.