How Can I Help, Please Tell Me.

For the last two years I have been posting on what matters to me. Many of you have enjoyed them and have taken the time to say so, and for that I am very grateful. If you have been following my posts you will also know that recently I said that I would no longer focus on myself, (very hard for me not to do), I want to focus on you.

To that end, I would like you to provide me with suggestions on topics that I can post on that could be of help to you or someone that you know, (I know it will actually be for you but that'll be our little secret).

I have been having great success lately in my workshops when I ask the audience for role-play topics. I will then play that person with the entire audience against me asking relevant questions. It's not only fun - for the audience that is - it helps everyone to understand how to communicate easier in challenging situations.

I would like you to send me some suggestions on what it is that you would like me to discuss in my posts. Topics could include;

  • Bullying - workplace, school, home, or in social media.
  • Bosses - how to put your boss on notice in a nice way to stop whatever behaviour you want them to stop.
  • Presentations - standing comfortably in front of an audience in meetings, providing training. keynote speaking, etc.
  • Generations - communicating across the five generations, how young people can communicate with the old (that's anyone 10 years older than the 20-year-old is considered old), how old people (50 years plus) can communicate better with the young (under 21).
  • Emotional people - how to deescalate the angry, control the sad, stop the swearers, etc.
  • Difficult employees – managing those who annoy you, are boisterous, or say/do inappropriate things.
  • Interviewing - how to get information out of someone quickly and thoroughly without pressure.
  • Suicide - what is happening to the person, what are they thinking, how to recognise signs, what to say and do, how to keep yourself safe, or how to keep them safe as much as possible.

Anything at all that I might help you with to make your life that little bit easier.

With your suggestions, you can either;

  • Reply/comment to this post.
  • Send a personal message through this medium.
  • Go to my website and hit the 'Contact Us' tab -

Please note that all submissions will be considered and you will remain anonymous. I look forward to hearing from you.