Hey Mate, You Don't Look Your Usual Self. Are You Okay?

Friend - "Hey mate, are you okay?" Mate - "I'm fine."

Friend - "Are you sure, you don't look that well?" Mate - "What do you mean?"

Friend - "You aren't your usual self." Mate - "Yes I am, I'm just busy."

Friend - "It's more than that, I can see that you are busy. You don't talk much these days." Mate - "I'm talking now aren't I?"

Friend - "Yeah, but you’re not as talkative as you normally do. And your sentences are much shorter. Want to grab a coffee? " Mate - "I've got too much to do. Maybe another time."

Friend - "You don't look at my face either, it's as though you don't want to look at me." Mate - "Don't be stupid."

Friend - "And you are always flat out doing things. It's as though you are trying to avoid people." Mate - "No I'm not. I told you, I'm fine."

Friend - "And you look unwell mate, kind of pale as though you haven't had enough sun." Mate - "Look, leave me alone, I'm OK, I told you."

Friend - "I read a book recently written by some cop who said that these can be the early signs of stress, maybe even leading to being depressed - a low mood. " Mate - "What would he know, cops think they know everything."

Friend - "Yeah they do don't they. But this one said I should ask you if you want to talk. Maybe even encourage you to get some help." Mate - "I have been feeling down a bit, it's just work. And stuff going on at home."

Friend - "I have heard some people say that I should ask you if you are thinking of killing yourself if I am really concerned about you." Mate - "What the hell."

Friend - "I know, crazy as it sounds. I wouldn't know how to ask you that, I'd probably say something like 'Mate, I'm here for you if you need me, I don't want you to do something that would hurt yourself or others'." Mate - "If I was that sick, would I even listen to you?"

Friend - "I'd hope so mate, I certainly do hope so." Mate - "Things have been getting on top of me lately....."

Friend - "What do you reckon you go and talk with someone who knows about this stuff eh!" Mate - "Would it help?"

Friend - "I think it would. And what can it hurt? I can come with you if you want me to?" Mate - "No, I'll go myself."

Friend - "Promise, you are going to?" Mate - "I probably need to, I just can't stop my brain from thinking dark things and I can't sleep at all. I don't even want to eat sometimes...."

Friend - "Good on you mate, it's for the best. I need you around mate, who else am I going to rely on to keep me straight and honest?" Mate - "Yeah, you do need me around don't you?"

Friend - "We need each other mate, we need each other."