Should We Stop Worrying?

Some say that worry is wasted energy, and for most occasions it probably is just that, a waste of time.

However, don't dismiss worry altogether, simply choose what you worry about. Research tells us that around 50% of worry is hereditary, it comes from our parents. The remainder is you, it is a habit that you have formed. 

For most of us, worry is the brain's way of conducting a risk management process to keep us safe. Our brain is looking ahead at what could go wrong so that we are prepared with contingencies. And that is a good thing, you need this. Your brain will come up with creative solutions to problems you never even thought of.

The problem with worry is that our brain tends to exaggerate the risks, it multiplies the risk and makes everything seem overwhelming. That is when worry becomes troublesome.

Have you ever found yourself worrying about one thing and your brain suddenly launches another thing into your mind for you to worry about? It's simply trying to help. Yeah right! 

If you are someone who worries too much and it has become a nuisance to you, there are two techniques that I have found work to stop me from worrying;

1.    Wear an elastic/rubber band on your wrist and flick it each time you catch yourself worrying. The pain sent to your brain disrupts your thought patterns.

2.    Blink your eyes and say either "Stop" or "No", inside your head. This also works to top your brain from over-thinking at night when you go to bed.

Remember it can take between 60 to 80 days to break a habit, not 21 days.

Finally, if you are a 'worrier', stop worrying about things outside of your control and concentrate on things that you can control.