Pride Versus Vanity

Pondering, as you do when you are about to go to the dentist for root canal surgery, on the difference between pride and vanity when it comes to our physical appearance. Are they different and are they acceptable.

Most of us like to look great, don't we? And most of us try to stay fit and healthy. When we are going to a wedding, funeral or formal event we like to look our best. Societal expectations, right or wrong, are that we should dress for the occasion. Shorts and singlet will not suffice at formal events no matter where they are held.

The appearance that I am pondering more on is our physical appearance. No matter what we may look like physically, there are usually parts of us that we might like to change if we had the opportunity to do so. Just to make us look that little bit better.

Perhaps a haircut, nails polished, teeth whitened, a wrinkle or two removed, maybe a bit of surgery to remove unwanted fat deposits around the waistline. Is that pride or is it vanity? In my humble opinion, it is pride. Pride is what we feel about ourselves.

Don't get me wrong, I am certain that the majority of us are comfortable with the way that we look. But doesn't it make us feel much better when we do something to enhance our appearance? We look better, feel better, and because of that our mood lifts and we behave better. It is good for our wellbeing.

So, it is okay to take pride in your appearance. Vanity on the other hand is when we obsess about our appearance so much so that it overwhelms us and takes control of our life. You strive to change everything about your looks for the benefit of others.

Is vanity wrong? Again in my humble opinion, no it isn't. Why you might ask. Because each of us is different. What I want, need and feel is probably different to what you want, need and feel. Who are we to judge others simply because we disagree with another's wants, needs, and feelings.  

Be proud of who you are and what you look like. If you wish to, do some things that enhance your appearance that will make you feel great and help you to look at your best. If you want to keep going, do so provided it makes you feel better. Don't let others judge you for doing so, we are all different.