I'm Angry, Help Me Or Else!

There is no doubt that we are unafraid to show our displeasure in these busy times. Ask anyone who works in the customer service industry and they will tell you that they have seen a recognisable upsurge in angry people. And it's across both sexes.

Frustration, confusion and fear are the main drivers of anger in the customer service industry.

Frustration at things not happening as expected or promised, products or services not meeting expectations, or from delays. Confusion arises when we are told different things by those working in the same organisation or their policies are incredibly confusing. Fear from the unknown, we like certainty in our life when it comes to products and services and if we don't know then it can cause anger.

So, who's at fault - the customer or the company? Both.

When dealing with customers, it is imperative that you explain as much as possible about the product or service that you offer. In particular, take some time to go over the negative aspects of the product or service which cause the most complaints.

As a customer, it is imperative that you ask (and listen) to have a clearer picture of what you are purchasing so that you are fully informed and that your expectations aren't set too high.

What if it all goes wrong? Don't get angry, don't get even, get an answer.

When things go wrong don't jump to conclusions, don't take immediate action, and certainly don't get angry. Anger, just like worry, is a wasted emotion. It helps no one.

Instead, take your time. Gather what information you have, put some structure around how you will communicate your concern, and only then should you make contact with the organisation.

Flying off the handle due to the amygdala hijack with only half of the information and no structure will always end badly, for you.

It's often not the fault of the customer service representative with whom you are speaking so don't take your anger out on them. That person will only become defensive and the chances of getting a successful resolution rapidly diminish.

Those in the customer service industry don't go out of their way to annoy you, to hurt you, or to not meet your expectations. Just like you, they would prefer things to go smoothly so that they can also have a stress-free life.

The next time that things don't quite go to plan, don't get angry and take it out on the customer service representative, don't threaten them, and certainly don't abuse them. It is unhelpful and unnecessary.

You get more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.