Short or Long, Many or Few?

Last week I posted a series of short posts on ways to reduce stress - one per day. I was asked a question, "Why are your posts so short, I would love to read more of them." Another person asked me "Why do you post so frequently instead of publishing just one post every so often?"

My reply to both of these questions, "Because?" I publish whenever I have read new research, whenever someone has asked me about a particular topic, whenever I have met with someone who would like to know more on what is at the forefront of their mind, or as simple as when the 'mood' is right.

Like all business communications, there is no right or wrong answer to these two questions. If we communicate too often some will complain, not enough and others will complain, too much information and the communication is unlikely to be read, too little and it might easily be dismissed.

Personally, I like communications to be short, sharp and to the point. I enjoy reading posts but don't have a great deal of time in which to do so. The shorter the better for me. You might be the same, or you might prefer reading longer posts.

When I post, unless I state otherwise, all of the content is based on the latest research. What do I mean by research, whatever is relevant for the majority of people based on data gathering, empirical evidence, qualitative research, and the like. Generalisations might be another term.

I will continue to publish as much as I can in as many short posts as possible for those who like them this way. For those who prefer longer posts, save a few of them up and read them in one sitting as most of the posts I publish are linked in some way.

Lastly, thank you for those who have reached out to me. Whether you asked for more information on particular topic, requested the reference, or have offered your own opinion, again I thank you and ask that you please keep doing so.

Let me know your thoughts - short or long? After all, without you there is little point in me posting....